Survival in an economic downturn

I was talking to a friend last night about how she is just putting things into perspective at work. Is the situation in front of her more important than paying her mortgage? No? Go ahead and do what you need to do at work and do not worry about it that much.

As long as it is legal, moral, ethical, and you are doing something you like.

Right now is not the time to be making big moves in career anyway.

A financial storm is coming, --actually, it is here, but there is buttressing up and the fat middle class is not feeling it -- and you want stability there.

You want to survive.

It looks like we will be looking at 8-10 years of flat earnings, flat growth, a flat economy.

After a recession.

Although we have 'recovered' back to pre-COVID levels, those are just being held by low interest rates for business, the US government purchasing junk business bonds, and propping up the economy. Global recession is supposedly what could have happened instead.

The US has taken on massive debt

$2.4 trillion in just financial tools for coronavirus. The government was $25 trillion in debt prior to coronavirus and projected to spend $1.1 trillion more than it collected in taxes pre-coronavirus.

Investments and work

Not sure myself what to do here yet, but some various approaches people have taken:

  • investments
  • social circles
  • additional jobs
  • freelancing
  • decreasing spending
  • moving to other countries


You have a roof over your head, you have food, you and your loved ones are safe.

Those are the most basic, important things.

Above that, saving money, extravagences, those are nice too, but not necessary right now.


Despite the tightening economy, you can still be happy.

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