Ignorant Boomers and Filipinos

It goes for them too, I think the boomers may just be a garbage generation. Soft from the wealth of their upbringing, ease of college, and prosperity. They have little understanding of a cosmopolitan world.

Millenials have less wealth, a harder go of things, having come into the workforce at the 2008 Great Recession, now the career is hitting its stride and getting stuck with a global pandemic and global recession in 2020, and having 9/11 happen while coming of age in school.

While they are a step better than imperialists, they seem ignorant of people, relying on tropes and stereotypes, media driven commentary, instead of actual experience and understanding. Lacking compassion, empathy, and thinking that things are the way they are.

Millenials have the highest volunteering rates of any previous generation, even before global pandemics and recessions forced jobs, but the next generation seems even more 'radical.' Perhaps they are too much.

People that are boomers complain that millenials are entitled and soft and unwilling to work. It seems like they have access to high leverage tools (media and programming) that are in demand. The demand is driving the future. They are the generation of innovation. And it is changing the landscape out from underneath boomers who have relied on job advancement primarily from networking, nepotism, and putting in time.

The impetus for this post is that a neighbor asked me if I was adopted. Or if my parents came here. I said, "No, my parents came here." Then he said that he confused me with some other Filipino kids down the block, because he heard that they were adopted.

What the actual fuck?

I should have just said, "That is a weird and personal question." And then just silence.

I have heard immigrants say racist or racial things, and I understand that this world is not the one I grew up in. But it is especially bad for white Americans because they are usually in positions of power, privelege, and alienating.

Fuck that ignorance.

You are beautiful, grow, and thrive.

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