Play to empty clubs: learn mechanics, not art

Writing this blog right now is me playing to empty clubs.

Here is where I put an interesting quote:
Some famous comedy talks about how they used to play to empty rooms, any place they could, at a bowling alley, in the corner of a party. You need to do that.

The person and the quote does not matter, tons of comedians have told the same story.

What matters is what it means.

Learn the mechanics of the performance as well as the art.

The mechanics of showing up on time, of building a relationship with a club owner, where you can and cannot sit, what you should or should not drink. Do you know how long it takes to park at that venue and where you need to park to get there on time? How do you walk up on stage?

There are all kinds of small, and incoherent things going on, before, during, and after, a comedian performs on stage.

These are the mechanics.

"Well that has nothing to do with the art!" you might say.

"it matters because it enables the art," I say.

Maybe it is performing in a club, maybe it is how to set up an instagram account and who to like, or how to make videos, or just how to write.

To make this website you choose a name, set up a domain, set up a host, install software, set that software up, change fonts, figure out how to edit display settings. How to type, how to save documents. How to set up a writing schedule, a regular one, that produces.

More and more, ad infinitum...

Playing the game means more things to improve. Higher levels to compete or play the game.
Greater reward.

And it does not have to be all at once. It should not be all at once.

You learn it at the level that you need it, then you change, and learn it at the next level.

A complete artist, well, they can be a one person show.

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