Scared to make art and how to choose a project

I have no idea how to choose a project
I have no idea what I want to market

Here is the punchline: choose a project, any project, and do it for six months, and only do that project.

Guidelines on choosing a project

1. Do anything. Literally. Do anything. Doing anything is better than doing nothing.

Action teaches you, exactly, what you know. It shows you what you can actually do.

It shows you where you are.

A blog post is a repetition of weight lifting.

Imagine you have all these metrics indicating you can lift a certain weight. Well, that is good, but eventually, you get under the bar and lift the damn weight, with your body, mind, and spirit.

Until then, it is an idea. After then, you have made it real.

Make it real.

2. Choose an amount of time.

Spend the next 90 minutes figuring out your next six month project. Or make it a 3 month project. But really do something.

Commit to a long amount of time.

3. Choose a project that will force you to learn the mechanics things.

Choose a project that will force you to learn a skill. Because at the end of it, you will either have a fantastic project, or will have gained another skill that you can use and leverage on future projects.

Make it on a path to something you want to do. If you decide to make a blog, well then, make a blog.

4. Publish.

Choose a project that has a public eye, or a public service, choose a project that interacts with the public.

If it is photos, choose a date to share them, or better yet, share along the way, or better yet, do not share them, but edit along the way and share the editing.

If it is writing, post it publically, even if no one reads it.

5. It does not matter what you want.

Free yourself from figuring out what you want.

Instead, focus on what you can do.

It is fucking scary.

But choose any project, and then do that one project for six months.


You will have to face the fear that you wasted time, effort, and potentially money.

Mitigate those things by doing steps 1-4.

Spend little to no money.

Proof that I am doing what I am writing, here is how I feel:

I have an idea, that I want to write, and that I want to heal myself, and heal others
And that I want to make money

And that I want the writing to matter, that is, to connect with people
To help people.

And I am scared that what I write, as art, will be ignored

And what I write, to make money, will be artless, and empty, and leave me feeling,

well, like I do with my job now, an amazing role, but disconnected, not for me.

Lacking dreams.
Lacking excitement.
Lacking interest.
Lacking drive.

Lacking that feeling of flow.

I am scared of doing something because what if I put in the time to do it, and then, well, it is the same again, something I do not 'want' to do.

Then I will have wasted time and money, again.

I am scared to move, until I know exactly where I want to go.

That seems like a problem, because you need to act.

You need to act because you do not actually know if anything is a good idea, until, you test it.

By doing something, you learn, if it was a good idea or not.

Otherwise, you let your ideas die, inside of you, without ever getting the chance at seeing the light of day.

Without ever having a chance.

If you have something, especially an art, it is your responsibility to get it out. To give it a chance.

Because the world needs what you have to say, and you are the only person that can do that particular work.

So do something, everyday, do something for six months.

And commit to it.

I have committed to writing everything, all my output, into this particular blog for six months.

Whether it fits the theme or not.

Ostensibly, something good will come out of it. After six months of writing, I will have six months worth of writing, and, I'm assuming 1-2 great posts.

If nothing else, let's say everything falls apart, and the posts fall completely flat, on dead ears, well then, I will have developed the capacity for writing regularly and on a public platform.

This is my playing to empty clubs right now. It is like a person that plays at clubs has to learn how to show up, how early to show up... not only the art, but the mechanics of things. How to find parking. How to get into the club without getting stuck at the door and paying cover. Where to sit before you go up.

Learning the mechanics of how things work, how to set up a domain, a website, a blog, how to change fonts, how to write regularly. How to upload things. How to save what you write. How to pick up what you write. How to get the computer going.

Writing regularly and producing something regularly is quite the feat. It is the difference between working out once and working out for the rest of your life.

Writing on a public platform is a feat, it is the difference between writing in your journal that no one ever reads and there is nothing at stake aka half-heartedly doing a workout at home and not breaking a sweat, and going outside, putting yourself on display, and dealing with all the inner talk that goes with that.

Become friends with the resistance.

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