Focus on spiritual questions

forgiveness is not something you do once and then it is done. it might be multiple times. it is impermanent. there is the current moment and if in the current moment you have forgiven, then you are free.

addiction is based on greed. greed is desire out of control. based on greed for pleasure.

wanting things is okay, having to have things is not if it is an addiction thing.

people act that way because they are confused.

intention is central.

if someone does something bad and they say it was not their intention to hurt you, they are still fully responsible for their actions. and furthermore, --
the intention was likely to get a laugh and have attention, without being mindful of how something might hurt someone, or to prevent further pain for themselves, at the cost of all others.

karma is the action. karmic fruit is the effect. no one needs to be punished, because they already have been through the act.

by forgiving yourself, you relieve everyone of the burden of bearing that pain. that pain causes you to have actions are confused and then, well, then that is a problem for everyone. forgive yourself.

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