Be more productive with music

The best music for working is hip hop.

Why? Because it has a beat. And it gets you in a groove.

Some people like metal. Some people like classical.

They are wrong.

Find good hip hop music. If the lyrics are too distracting, then search on youtube for an 'instrumental' version.

Some people use video game or movie music. Or soundscapes by someone like Brian Eno. They are too engrossing. They are too distracting.

Hip hop music, you can find distracting aka good make you feel something music, or you can find easy listening pop music.

The best music for working is pop music.

Get the instrumental version.

Sometimes the music is too slow. Music that could be good, but is too slow, puts you in the wrong frame of mind. Instead of searching around everywhere for music that is good and is the right speed, just make it the right speed.

Play it at 1.3 or 1.5 speed.

Make an entire album or thing on your music player of just this type of music.

When you work, just put it on random until you find something you like.

Sometimes I find DJ sets (DJ Jazzy Jeff has some new sets that are good for example) and that works too

When you find something you lie, you might just play it on repeat for hours.

Set a timer to go off every 25 minutes (Pomodoro technique) to remind you to take breaks.

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