Good Day Series: Another Good Day

Get up

Check your meetings - have an 815a meeting and get some work done

Do laundry
Exercise - even a little 4x6, 3 exercises
Do a small project - listened to creative life podcast while patching bike tire tubes
Do work - small
Play Fortnite 12-2
Eat lunch - bowl, squash, sardines, kim chi, rice
Write - poetry as you are relaxing
Sleep - 230-430

Hang the laundry
Do the dishes

Eat dinner - Ramen with wife
Sit on couch and read

Trainig with dog
Feed the dog
Play with the dog
Walk the dog

Small task and socialize - Call people to talk while Pack clothes for trip, no one picks up, listen to funny TV, talk
9p Write or business until 1030pm

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