Living Rich and Living Poor

I think everyone should live where they have everything they need. Where they are considered rich. And where they have a minimal amount of things. Like sharing one bedroom with another person. People do camping for months minimal, but at some point, you know it is going to end. I mean minimal like this is your life minimal.

To learn the lessons there are from both.

It is nice being rich. It is nice being popular.

But really what you want is to be wealthy and to be loved.

It is hard being poor, but it is nice being minimal.

Given that you have the right things.

For me, those things are adventure, love, and reflection.

Adventure, spending time with friends and people who love you, and reading and writing.

Cheese is good too, I love having some good cheese and food.
There are artistic pleasures as well.

Here is a fantastically put together video about freedom and putting together a bike.

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