What makes you happy?

This post is part of an on-going series and exploration into what makes you happy. What do you want to do with your life? Growing up, I never had the chance to really consider what I enjoyed, I mainly did what was necessary, urgent, or most competitive. I had moments of fun for sure, but nothing was decided by me. It was what was most competitive and I took all comers. It worked. I succeeded in that, but I found it empty 'at the top.' Now I am figuring out what it is that encapsulates happiness. It is another skill set and one I hope you gain as well!

You might get to the 'top' of whatever accomplishment you want and realize that there really isn't anything there.

There are a few things that 'matter' in life when it comes to happiness:

  • friends
  • freedom of time / action - aka freedom from money worries
  • health

That is basically it.

You can also work on 'legacy' as a bonus project.

Something that is your 'life's work.'

I think most people actually like working, actually want to work, but they want to work on something they enjoy doing, with people that are good at it, on a mission that they agree with.

Building all of that, well, that could take decades. Or it could take little time and you actually have all the building blocks already.

Decide on what you want to do. You could start by saying, what do you want people to say or know about you?

Super smart
Traveled the world
Well-regarded professionally
Cool hobbies
Nice, good, generous, reliable person

Basically the idea of accomplishing something.

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