Choosing Happiness

I wrote about the five year saga for completing my master's thesis in public health/

My grand goal was not having to work for money.

Simultaneously, I am figuring out how to work and if I am still working, what to work for?

What drives work that you do not have to do for money?

Joy? Pleasure?

It seems to me that the best jobs are done by different people.

But my main goal is happiness.

I have struggled and struggled and there were so many things that I wanted. But they boil down to accomplishment and happiness.

And while they are not exclusive (you can have both) you need to have priorities.

The reason we do not choose happiness is that we do not know how.

How do you choose happiness when you have a $1500 in rent due every month and $500 to spend on food and bills totalling another $1000 more?
That is the question I am answering.
And I am answering it for myself theoretically, but then also documenting it online.

There are so many things to unpack in this question, that, well, it could take years to write it all out and communicate it well.

But that is the real goal.

That has been the most persnickity problem I have been working on, although I was not able to put it into a single sentence.

Writing, writing, writing. It is all I have been able to do for my whole life. Through all the things I have tried to do, it is the hobby that has stuck with me, not because it is a hobby, but because it is something that provides so much value to me. It is the thing that in te doing renews.

So start there.

Make mistakes fast. Speed. Is one tool.
Direction is the other tool.

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