People identify good work by buzz.
Does good work always generate buzz?
No, because buzz depends on other people saying things.

That is where marketing, brand, and visibility come into play.

If Beyonce released a skateboarding video, it would be the number one viewed skateboarding video. Maybe not of all time. Maybe not favored by every skate enthusiast.

But she knows how to create, arguably any visual or audio media, at scale.

That said, the random person doing skate tricks by themselves, some hermit monk in the desert with an abandoned piece of asphalt. Well he or she is not really doing it. Why? You learn fastest, most effectively, with other people. And also by yourself. You need to engage.

Working by yourself is nice, am maybe necessary for you to organize your thoughts, but on balance, any ideas will come and be influenced by others.

Collaborate, steal as in Austin Kleon's real artists steal, and make the idea your own.

Stand on the shoulders of giants, instead of reinventing the wheel so to say.

The variable is the person behind it all.

And when you have done this process with a community, you will have a community to generate buzz.

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