Daily Schedule for Productivity

Wake up early - maybe 4am, 5am, 6am
First thing, in the dark, you write.
Write everything in your heart, on your mind, and otherwise.
Write. Hold nothing back.
Set a timer for 25 minutes.

If you wake up with a song in your mind, play that song on repeat. It allows your brain to relax.

Drink a liter of water.

Publish something. You publish something everyday.


Play a 15 minute language learning lesson. Right now, I am learning French. You can go back to this lesson at different times during the day.

Exercise. Watching various things here. 4x6 or 4x12 of three different exercises (push, pull, legs; pushups, rows, goblet squats; pullups, squats, bench press). Do sprints. Exercise bike works too.

Make a note of your meetings.

Around noon you get to eat. Eat a lot if you want.

In the afternoon, take a nap. Maybe 1-3pm.

In the afternoon, leave the apartment. Leave the house. Walk around. Go do something. Move yourself.