Gary Vaynerchuck on Kindness

Dude this guy rocks. Building a huge company, doing something intrinsic to his wiring, successfullly, promoting happiness as a goal, kindess as an essential act in smart business.

He is the entrepreneur that I can actually look up to. A successful person I can look up to.

These are notes from two articles.

The reason I give trust so easily is because I’m completely not driven by fear, and most people are.

Speed is no question the variable of success.

And what a lot of people don’t understand is, speed in business comes from great internal culture. The biggest things that will make your company go fast is 1) continuity and 2) lack of politics.

What you’ll learn is, some people want money. Some people want time with their family. Some people want a fancy title. Some people want creativity.

It’s what we do at VaynerMedia. We’ve built a dictatorship around culture. We force it. If you’re toxic to the other people in the company, you’ll get fired — no matter how good your “numbers” are.

If your top salesperson is toxic, you need to be willing to sacrifice profits in the short term for long term culture. If your investors are measuring you on 90-day returns, you need to find a way to justify why you’re spending money on a team bowling event, or taking time away from pitching to spend talking with employees.

If you didn’t have self-esteem instilled in you as a kid, or if you didn’t develop it along the way, you need to find an outlet to create it.

It’s what I do with managers in my company. I try to instill self-esteem by talking about the positives 90% of the time.

Your self-esteem “outlet” could take a lot of different forms. You might be a great soccer player, or a great improv actor, You might even find someone to date who instills that.

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