Keys2Go Wireless Keyboard

the keys2go wireless keyboard suprises me again, the best keyboard for travel writing
I bought this keyboard at the recommendation of Tim Ferriss. It was the smallest keyboard that was functional.

I had considered the k480 from Logitech, but after trying it out at BestBuy, I found that it was too clunky for my purposes. Or rather, the keys2go wireless keyboard was way slimmer. I bought it from the retailer that same day.

The idea was to have a keyboard that was thin, light, and I could use to type with on my phone. I had been journaling on the train commute to work.

TL;DR The Keys2Go wireless keyboard beats anything out there with compact size, reliability, and something else. because you can slip it into your bag, not worry about it getting damaged or spilled on while it is in there, and not worry about it being charged because the battery lasts for months. I recently took a trip and it surprised me in another way: silence. The silence is great for working in an AirBnB or hotel room while everyone else is asleep.

That prompted me to write this article.

It is 4am, but it could be 8am and everyone is asleep. I want or need to write. Bringing out the laptop bathes the entire room in blue light, additionally, even on the quiet keyboard, it wakes people up. Then there are the fans and any unknown sounds.
Right now, I have my cell phone on, I am sitting at the desk, and turning on the dark theme, there is almost no light spilling into the room. But most of all, the keyboard is almost silent.
While I am at home, there is something nice about typing on a full fledged clikity clackity keyboard. The tactile feedback. The noise. But traveling?
Well, it would still be nice.
But for this specific case, it would not work.

Now I could use a laptop and just leave the room. In a hotel, there is always a lobby. Or a business center. Or a hallway, even. But, for this case, journaling, writing, having access to the thing and not having to leave the room is a boon.

The keyboard is small so it is not super comfortable to type on. However, I have typed for hours with it.

It is definitely the one that you have with the philosphy of Eric Kim: the smallest, most functional, condensed power.