Morning: A Good One on the Weekend

Hang out with friends. Even drink the night before. Go to sleep early. Eat a lot of food. Drink a lot of water while you are drinking. 2-3 liters.

Sleep well next to someone you love.

Wake up at 630am naturally.

Drink a liter of water.

Watch TV, whatever you do. I would say some things that set a good tone for me are consumption of something positive, optimistic, and that has some element of happiness. Tempered ambition. What I end up looking at are pictures of fancy things that I like.

You do NOT want to be running on rocket fuel all day, everyday. You want to be running on your own fuel.

Play a video game for 10-15 minutes.

From 8-830 get on the exercise bike. Watch something entertaining, maybe a video reinforcing your messages. Happiness. Optimism. Patience. Self-awareness. > Determination and never quitting.

Writing an article.

Talk to someone you love.

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