Stay Busy – Grant Cardone and Eric Kim Photography

Grant Cardone sounds like a snake-oil salesman.

He had a video where someone was asking him whether he liked work. He said no.

Which is weird beacause the prevailing approach is that you find something you like to do, you love to do, and then that provides energy and power to do things.

He said he did would not say he enjoyed it. But what else is he going to do?

That was relieving.

That is how I feel.

It looks like he has a good family life, he is happy, he is successful.

What else could you want?

Internal, immediate, and external goodness.

It reminds me of Eric Kim. He said that to him happiness or joy is something like having an abundance of energy, productivity, and physical, mental, spiritual power. Exhuberance.

That makes sense to me too.

He makes excellent points about productivity and his personal philosophy is engaging. It also resonates true.

Grant Cardone said he NEEDS to stay busy. He NEEDS to work. He did drugs because he was bored.

Working is the right thing. It works for him. He also talks about internal, mental importance. You need to go to therapy he said. I wonder if he actual went to therapy. I do art. And I think that eventually, everything is personal art.

How do I stay busy?

Write and publish. Have multiple projects.
It is a volume question. You need to have many multiple shots on goal.

Stay busy. Live exhuberantly.