Testing testing 123 – Tablet vs Laptop

I'll update this article, but my frist test is comparing a laptop to a tablet and figuring out what to do about it.

How do you get it to work.

What are the pros and cons and when should someone use it vs not use it.

If you are mainly browsing the internet, watching Netflix, and answering the occasional email, then a tablet is likely worth considering for travel if you value modularity, budget under $400.
For a complete home system, that is if you have only one device, I would get a laptop or a desktop depending on needs and use case.

If you can only get a laptop, desktop, or tablet, I would choose a laptop or a desktop. It is roughly equivalent to a moderately powered laptop and better in some cases. As a new device, it is a fun thing to try out.

These are initial impressions and I will update this article more as I have more experience with the tablet.