Make a plan and execute

You need to actually be out in the world.

Encounter problems.

Run after your dreams.

You cannot be working on on particular stroke all day at home. You need to work that stroke out on the golf course, ultimately.

That is the same idea as having your product meet the market.

Get the feedback once you have a minimum viable product.

Boxing, you should not go into the ring full on contact first day. You work with a trainer, practice your form, practice your footwork, do drills. Eventually, you move it into simulated sparring. But by then, you are developing a product. A skill. An expression of your art. That comes through, well actually sparring with other people.

The second key is that you need a team. "You need to give up the ego of having all the answers yourself," Ray Dalio. In his books Principles for Success and Principles for Life, he talks about what led to success for him throughout his life.

Very important and a big win for people to know.