Why do we resist chasing our dreams?

Gary Vee had a great podcast where he called someone.

The point is that he said you need to go find out if you are an actor. You need to go do it. The caller had a plan to do his GED, then go to the military for 2 years to get a GI bill, then use the GI bill to pay for acting school. Because he wanted to be an actor. The kid was in high school.

But the key thing was the idea of running directly after your goals. Going where the things were. And working with people.

Gary told him about making videos himself at home. You are more likely to become an actor with 9 million IG followers. You make skits with your friends. You DM every influencer out there and ask them to put you in their skits or work with them on their skits.

He said to go out to LA and start hanging out with actors and IG influencers.

Go work a job for 2 years and find out if it is true.

Now are you scared to learn that you suck at acting? That could be true too. That is a different mental game.

For me, that mental game is huge.

The first part is important (run after your dreams and pursue them, give them a real chance). The second part is are you scared to learn that you are not good. I know I am not good, but I know I have something and something special.

I also know that I have a lot of ancillary skills that I have been building to eventually put the whole thing together, brick by brick. Piece by piece.

And I have the mental capacity to go for it.

What I am lacking, really, is the thought of working with other people, people who are wired so they can see opportunities and risks that I cannot, in order to achieve the goal.

This working with other eople is a skill to develop.

Also it sounds like fun.

Also it sounds like more true to me and how I operate.

The only awards I got in college were based on the projects I did. That is what I did for fun. That is what I thought were important. The projects.