2020 Recap Random Thoughts

This year 2020 has been crazy. George Floyd, in-home quarantine, COVID-19 and that is even ignoring everything that has gone one before that...California and like a bunch of Australia all caught on fire.

Trump impeached.

Now that we are in 2021
Maybe Trump impeached again.
Domestic terrorist groups just not being dealt with at Washington, DC.

The main takeaways? Well.

My whole world has shrunk down basically to the household. And I am starting to see how important it is.

There are still huge problems with huge groups of people. I cannot believe that so many people voted for Trump and that he almost wont he election. People seem to be blind to it happening. In Minnesota, people are completely relaxed because Biden won and the "state went blue," but the vote was actually very close and like all of rural Minnesota voted for Trump. People here blame the "crazy south" for supporting Trump, but completely ignore the >45% of the state that voted for Trump.

The amount of people that want to just create their own guidelines or interpretations of what is going on regarding COVID-19 is astounding. The recommendations have been to social distance, wear a mask, and stay home. People want to say they don't have to wear the mask, or it does not make sense because of such and such reason, or that it is not working. Everyone has become an armchair epidemiologist. People throwing around "exponential spread" (but how is that different from any other illness? silence) or that "we need to test everyone" (why?) "to find the hotspots!" (but we do not have enough tests and there are supply chain issues) "we should open the test to everyone so everyone could be tested!" So many inexperienced people, doctors, nurses, and academics included who have no experience working an outbreak or understanding of a system greater than their practice, hospital, etc coming out with opinions in the public about what is or is not going correctly. People can have opinions, but putting incorrect information, unverified information out there from a position of perceived authority is hamrful. But then again, people love having their name in the paper or their 15 minutes of fame. Stanford medical school physicians publishing really bad papers on transmission estimates, but they got a publication. Trump talking about bleach or hydrochloroquine, and then people took those medications and died. And people defend him by saying, "at least he had something to say."

Really get a sense that people are emotional. They want to go out and do things. If they do not see or know personal people dying, it is hard to make the numbers make sense at all.

People that are old are just going out and doing whatever. It is absurd. Maybe they just do not care as much about dying. They also seem to think that, well, if it is their friend or family they are okay. It is just the nursing home old people that are dying, not normal old people.

You don't get points just for taking action and doing something. You get points if you are right. Sometimes the correct action is to do nothing. You need to wait and figure things out because doing things can be harmful. People who do not understand that are emotional and need to learn how to deal with their fear-based emotions.

How do you deal with all of this? People you know on the wrong side of history?

Say your piece and just leave it alone. Go on and live your life. Win.

Be happy. Be healthy. Help people. Be wealthy.