Stuff I Want: Workout Gear Edition

Sandbag / duffle bag - I bought a canvas duffle bag, I can use it for swings, throwing on the ground, throwing in the air. A lot more stuff than weights. I could probably get 75 lbs worth of rice in there. Rice is about $0.50 if you get long grain, 0.60c for calrose. Basically $20-$30 for like 50 lbs of weight. I think mine was on sale and it was like $10 for a 25 lbs bag. A 10 lbs or 25 lbs medicine ball would cost much more and not be as adjustable. If I quit or get tired of it, I can eat the weight and use the canvas duffle just for travel. Look up sandbag training for workout ideas. -> Got it! Great for twisting workouts so far, very different carrying the weight.

Exercise bands - - 41 inch get three of different weights

Kettlebell Kings Kettlebell - These are considered either the best or in the top 2 quality of kettlebells available. So you typically pay a premium. During COVID you are paying even more of a premium. Compared to iron plates, you pay a premium for weight that comes in a kettlebell form. So like...typically kettlebells will cost $1.5 / lbs for even at a used place. $2 / lbs new is common. Whereas typically you can get new plates for $1 / lbs and typically $0.5 / lbs used. So for these at $3.5 / lbs is pretty reasonable.

Workout books and plans - there are a few books that I want, but I will just buy one to begin with and get the information I need from there.

In one book, there shoul dbe more than enough to start working out.