Want to make more money? Work 60 hours a week.

Work 60 hours a week.

If you are not working 60 hours a week, and you want to make more money, you should be working 60 hours a week.

How do you work 60 hours a week?
You could get a job
You could get a part time job
You could start a side job

What if you are working 60 hours a week and want to make more money?
Set up a part time job
Set up a side job
Set up a side business

What if you are too tired to work more?
Cut back on your job.
Find more energy.
Negotiate a change.

How do you find more energy?
That is a topic for an entire post, but basically:
1) you need enough sleep
2) stop watching TV
3) seriously consider changing jobs, changing responsibilites, etc.
4) start exercising -> it gives you more energy, it is and is not as simple as going on a walk everyday at lunch
5) self-reflection and figuring out what you want
6) chase your dream