how to choose a hobby

prefer hobbies that are off screen
if you are watching jiu jitsu vieos, get a dummmmy and roll around on the ground instead
if you do not have a dummy, then just roll around instead

if you are watching a TV show, then read a book instead

if you are listening to mustic, then play a piano

prefer hobbies that are off screen that is real world
prefer hobbies that are productive, not consumptive

if you are bored and randomly looking for articles to read online,
write your own
and there is nothing online anymore
write your own

make videos
make music

this is especially difficult during covid because so many things that we do are hidden

making money is a tricky question
you may bastardize your de vivre by making your hobby beholden to making money. then again, a hobby that costs a lot, is usually consumptive. ex. shopping vs making clothes. looking at designers vs designing clothes yourself. or making photos. the thing the is to minimize costs. usually the use of tools is lower than the purchase of products. I guess what I am saying is avoid large, recurring costs. you can do this in multiple ways. ex. many places do not charge a black belt to train. get good enough. or may need social media help and would waive your gym fee.