Sewing is hard, darning and repair is definitely worth it

I think everyone should have to take a home economics type class or whatever they used to have. Or that every person should take it upon themselves to get those skills.

My headphones that I wear everyday had the ear cups bust open. I went to buy new ear cups, but they are not replacable. I showed them to my wife and she said I could probably hand stitch it.

It was hamfisted, but it was fun!

Took 20 minutes, saved the headphones for now, and I feel like I have much more appreciation for people that make clothes. The best consumers are probably also producers. Originally I was just going to staple or glue it, but it did not seem like it would hold, it would get messy, and having all that by my ears seemed uncomfortable.

I used black thread to match the ear pads, and it probably cost like 2 cents worth of thread.

It feels like a wasteful YOLO to use all that thread. Ahh the decadence lol.

And the thing is that I really like the headphones. They work great. so switching them would be a bummer.

Makes me think of the efficiency of spending.