Be happy

Practice enough
Take care of what is within ourselves
You see reality through yourself.

Study Epicurus and Buddha. Study the teachings.

Epicurus has great insights. There are needs and wants. The pleasure is good. Needs based pleasures are readily available. Friendship is important. Nature is important. Be content with simple pleasures.

Buddhism highlights the individual interpretation and its role in suffering. There are various kinds of suffering. Material suffering. But you can have everything you want and still not be happy. Instead of changing the toys, getting bigger and bigger, change the game. Realize that what you are trying to fill, is not being filled by what you are doing. At least not reliably and sustainably and in a healthy way. Social suffering. Realize that you have images of people, yor own experiences, your own interpretations. If you put people into a box, and then they do not fit the box, what is the issue? If you go through life with no on recognizing your achievements, what is the commonality? Is the problem you? Maybe, maybe not. But the source of suffering is your interpretation. Here is something interesting to figure out compared to oh the world is always flawed. The world is the world. View the world coherently. One way to do that is to view the person in front of you as a human. Not as your conception of a father, mother, brother, sister. But connect on your common humanity.

You have ability and potential to get out of suffering mentally.

Love yourself. Love others. Develop a coherent view of the world. Abandon what is bad for us, cultivate what is good.

Love yourself.