What if you had everything? Winning the lottery edition.

What if you had the best everything? The idea of winning the lottery is engrained in mainstream thinking.
If I had a HUGE amount of money, the thinking goes, then I could be happy. Or figure it out.

For the most part, that kind of thinking, is just mental masturbation. There is not much you actually get out of it too. Aside from some pleasant feelings and imaginings. The real thing, though...

But one online philosopher brings up a good point:

"...let us say you had all the “perfect” or the “best” tools known to man:

  • You own ALL the newest Apple tools (newest iPhone, iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, etc)
  • You own ALL the best headphones/earbuds/wired-wireless
  • You own ALL the best cars (luxury, sports, electric)
  • You own ALL the best clothes (casual, sports, fancy, clubbing)
  • You have a trillion dollars in the bank, and everyday $1 million dollars is entering your bank account" 1

Now, that is a fantastic thought experiment.

What would you do?

His answer may not be your answer, or maybe it is the mythical 'one true answer'. But for the most part, a 'one true answer' rarely exists.

For me?

I would be more involved in and find a community of friends.
I would write more and produce more art.