Hottake: Shakespeare is a YouTuber.

I saw a cartoon that was basically like comparing artists in the romance period to instagram artists today. Like this idea that they would toil for years or decades and then show one piece compared to people compulsively sharing now.

I think the compulsion part is correct. The cartoon is funny.

But it is wrong.

If Shakespeare were alive now, he would be a YouTuber and if Picasso were alive now, he would be on IG. Or maybe not.

On the other hand, maybe they would be working in another field. But like Shakespeare was entertainment for the masses. The specific Shakespeare may today, through circumstance, still have been a playwright. But a Shakespeare as an idea, that is someone with mass appeal, and popularity, and remembered and studied and lauded for generations?

If you want to see the artists making long term work, maybe they are writers still, but the talent? Maybe a TV or movie writer. But seriously look at YouTube. When Virtual Reality becomes a norm, people will view youtube videos like we view old timey radio shows. High production, entertaining, but low fidelity.

Maybe they would still be selling through the methods established.

But seriously?

They went with the scene. I doubt an artists in a scene today would not be on instagram. Or a writer not on youtube, etc.

I'm writing on here why? I don't fucking know. I have a job and it is easy.