how to social during COVID

I mean, different, but similar.

You shrink down who you see in person. Limit it probably to 4-6 people total. You should probably see no one in person, honestly, and that is what we have been doing, but things are starting to unfortunately open up.

You meet up with them in open air, in backyards, and spaced out at least 6 feet away.

Go on walks, go to parks.

You could play a sport like tennis theoretically.

You could have people over and share food or drinks, but take extra caution not to be close.

There have been a handful of times where it has been terrible. People tell us that it is a backyard outdoor thing, and we get there and everyone is crammed indoors. People telling us that it is a staggered time thing and it is just one big group there for hours. But no one is doing it on purpose.

We have been lucky so far.

I think most extroverts are just bored, do not want their kids around, and basically just hate not having entertainment.

I think that is a real symptom of modern society. Entertainment is good, but it is pretty much a drug. People use it to drown out the questions of what to do with your life. People also in certain places do not have as good social manners. They do not know how to live in a large social circle together.

Another social source is phone calls. Video phone calls have been really nice to have. I do hope that people continue being available for video phone calls in the future.

Social stuff, well, it has really cut down on FOMO. There is nothing going on.

You should change scenery. It is good to get a new view. It is probably necessary to get a new view besides the inside of the house.

No matter how nice a house is. You need to go to a different place.

What you should not do? Hang out with large groups of people, do things unmasked, hang out with random people. Pretty much everything that people are starting to do now.

Get vaccinated and stick to social distancing.