Organization and essentialism

Minimize the things you own.
Less, but better.
But do not lose the spirit of the thing.
You can reduce too far. It is good to go to that limit and come back.

People take technology too far.
Ex. technology. The promise of technology is to give us a more convenient, modern, comfortable life. But if you want to go to sleep and cannot figure out how to turn the lights off, that is a problem.

Or you are yelling and repeating yourself to your phone to turn off the lights, that is a problem.

Imagine the simplicity of just turning off a light switch, blowing out a candle, or before, just going to sleep when it gets dark.

That is what draws the soul towards nature. Modern life is comfortable, pleasure-filled, and safe. People want danger, adventure, and discomfort.

People thrive on organizing entropy.

If you are curious about whether it is a good idea to live a long, safe, stable, comfortable life,temperature controlled life, consider animals in the zoo compared to the whild.

When organizing your space, your environment, consider it a poem. An expression. Not by cramming so many things in there, but by removal. Consider that you need to express and stop tweaking.