the problem with celebrities

is that people treat them as gods
you get someone with a halo effect
i was talking to this guy that ran a lot of gyms. like thousands. he was saying it was weird. people would ask his opinion on all kinds of stuff. and he was like, i only know about making money. in this way. i don't know what to do with the general economy. i don't know what to do about this or that. the halo effect happens with people with money, assuming they are smart in other endeavors.

Some celebrities, have and express self-awareness around limitations in their understanding. in the rogan interview of kanye, kanye actually mentions that regarding COVID, he is a civilian. he does not have access to all the experts, he does not know everything going on, so he cannot know what to do. in the same interview he says that he does not make the wrong decisions when given all the information, but he would have all kinds of experts and make the best decision he can. Some celebrities express self-awareness.

the problem is that some celebrities, do not have or maybe do not express self-awareness on limitations. on the other hand, you have people that are talking out their ass about things they do not understand. but that is all people. not just celebrities. medical school professors think they understand business and investments. business people think they have taste. designers think they can design an economy. data scientists think they understand covid.

i've met and been around celebrities. it is easier if you have your own stuff going on. your own projects. your own things and you come together naturally. it is also easier people are people. and so you deal with celebrities like you deal with all people.

people cry and laugh and scream, or ask celebrities questions about life and give them everything.
the problem with celebrities is that celebrities are people.
they are not infallible.
people hate when a celebrity does this or that because it ruins what they think about celebrities.

they do not meet their expectations.

with social media, now we are seeing thoughts of people. there are movie stars that are real people, that go to the mall, that have breakups, that have kids. some celebrities play off of it, where people are like, hey they are just like me.

but some people, well they just opt out of the entire game.

i think that is a big win.