Use money for health and art

There is a use of money and it is to produce a healthy life.

A healthy life is one with few worries. And great health. Sunlight. Walking. A healthy body. Low stress. Or good stress.

1. If you have many worries, you are more poor.

The more you have to worry about, the more poor you are. You lack freedom in time. Freedom of effort. Freedom to be yourself. If you cannot say what you is true, you lack freedom.

2. What is wealth?

Wealth comes in happiness, freedom from monetary concerns, freedom from location concerns, great relationships, great health. Unfortunately most people only go after the second one.

3. What is happiness and what is it not?

Happines is, as almost every parable shows, the highest good.

The problem is that people confuse happiness with multiple things. Happiness is closer to asceticism than hedonism. It is powered by joy, not adrenaline, anger, lust.

4. Working from joy is the highest motivation

Those have their role and place and are real human emotions, but if you watch someone or are lucky enough to experience talking to someone working from joy, you will see it is not a comparison to someone working from any other motivation.