Simplify, Donate, Gift

I find I can take a relaxing breath when I get rid of stuff.

I donated things to a place and it is a good feeling.

I gave stuff to some people and it was a good feeling.

I sold stuff and at least I got money, but it is not as good of a feeling.

The rewards for doing things are friends, experiences, and money.

To be wealthy, have those.

To be efficient, achieve those that you need for safety and happiness without spending more.

Save the rest of the money, invest it, donate, gift it, employee people with it, solve problems with it, just deploy it in beneficial ways. Including buying independence that allows you to be free to do things that help people as well.

It does not need to be a minimal life. It should be a full life. Maximum life is a mistake in thinking. Abundant life is not a maximum life.

Be good, be ethical, help people, be happy.