Work Out Harder

I think if I can figure out working out harder, on my own, that will be an internal thing.

Maybe to go further and go far in success, whatever that means, is to collaborate with other people. But what I am thinking is to be independent from other people. I mean basically not be dependent on other people. Or external circumstances.

But that seems like a contradiction. You are dependent on external outcomes. But you can be less dependent.

If I need something, in this case, working out hard, I can figure out some system.

But perhaps there are other ways to get things done that are more robust.

For example, if striking was important, I was thinking I could have a bag in the house. But there is no good spot for it. So, I could improve my skills in making a good spot for it, I could connect with someone that had faced this problem and could help me, I could connect with someone that has a good spot.

You know, something like that? I could find someone else that wants to work out hard. Independent of the system. If you are working, you might attract other people that are working, for example.

That is part of the thing.