You want a good life more than you want more stuff

Stuff, well when I did not have much money, I would pretty much take stuff that was free.

I'd find a use for it.

Or I could put it out. In college, there was a built in 'thinning out' of belongings once a year when we moved out.

But it is easy to accumulate more stuff than you need, or want, or is good for you. It is comforting to have stuff around. A spare phone in case one breaks, an extra set of hangers you do not use, etc. When you do not have a lot of disposable income, it is easier, better, more frugal, to have a store around. After all, when you do need an extra set of hangers, you cannot count on them to be offered for free. And maybe that is not in the budget this month.

Eventually though, your wages go up, and if you can think about stuff. Well. You do benefit. Every $5 and $10 thing costs money. And a bunch of $25 and $40 things can add up. So go earn more, for sure, but also consider your burn rate. You do not need a new shirt, you need to feel comfortable talking to people and maybe would benefit more from working out, therapy, or art. Which can be free or low cost.

I have found myself shopping for so many reasons. Advertisers are excellent at their job.

But you want a good life more than you want more stuff.

Consider how to be happy with the stuff you have. Content. You have felt happy before, without the things.

Have fun.