Stuff I Want: JiuJitsu Edition


Gracie Combatives - $151 - punch defense mostly
Gary Tonon Escapes - $149
Art Of Learning Jiu Jitsu MEGAPACK (All 3 volumes) + Bonus Nutrition Guide - $59
Fluid BJJ - Karel Pravec get used

Edit: Just go to class and work. Do not need these things. If it is boring and you are not learning much, go to advanced class. Write everything out.

Globetrotters Gi - white, travel gi, bjj, folds down and I can use it during travel. I have been to a few gyms and they have loaner gis, but it would be nicer to have my own in case they do not have a loaner. Additionally, it is potentially cleaner.
-> Still interested in this one. Size A2 probably.