Philosophy Money Happiness Quotes: Eric Kim

Absolutely one of my favorite bloggers, writers, thinkers. Here are some random notes I took and the articles.

 It is better to move to a boring neighborhood, and turn it cool. 

 Or take Berlin for example– the reason why a lot of artists moved there was because it was cheap to live in (and artists generally don’t have a lot of money). Then it became cool later.

      You can become an interesting, creative, innovative, and inspired person, regardless of where you live.   

      Fernandino Galliani being my new muse

If one day God came to you and said:

“You will never be able to leave your boring neighborhood, and never be able to travel again in your life.” 

Could you still live a meaningful and personally-fulfilling life?

The reason I bring this up is this:

We often blame our surroundings, our social circle, our families, or our jobs from pursuing our passions/dreams in life. 

What if we already had the right tools/knowledge/situation in life to live the best possible life — right now?

Another thought: what if we have more than we need?

What is truly holding us back in life?

I’m writing this to you not to blame you or disparage you, or make you feel bad about yourself. On the contrary, I want to share the exciting news with you that you can achieve the maximum extent of happiness in life without even having much money.