What to look for in a car

You should get something that can transport you, reliably, and haul stuff.
You should get something that is safe(*).

I understand aesthetics, I understand beauty, I understand the excitement of whipping a sportscar around a turn or spinning and screaming and the smell of rubber.

You can get a classic car and take care of it yourself.

(*) Safety may get confused with luxury and convenience. Safe means airbags, not automatic windshield wipers.

The problem is that you should be producing. Not collecting, no consuming. Production is such a thing.

That is the fun of it.

Collecting is a distant second. Imagine, who is having the most fun? The person driving the car or the person cheering them on? Who is living at that moment?

Now, that is not to say that you could have a better overall life being one person or another. And you should aim for a better overall life.

A real life.

But life is lived by living, not just watching someone live. A nice car, luxury in general, is a crutch. An exciting, enjoyable crutch, but it should ideally be done with minimal cost.

You should be living. More than watching race cars, go race your own car on a track, on a bike, cyclocross or track racing, or go on a motorcycle, or on a footrace through the woods.

You want the feeling of speed? I guarantee you that you could drive a manual transmission old car and get that feeling. You could ride a fixed gear bike and get that feeling. You could ride a motorcycle and get that feeling. You could drive a go kart and get that feeling. You could run full speed down a curvy, wooded trail and get that feeling.

A car is a utlity, a flex, a sculpture, a collectible, or but avoid having it be something for someone who just does not know how to live.

Go live.