Living well

Living well

People often consider material goods.

But I argue that most people living in middle-income USA are already materially rich when compared to the rest of the world.

Indeed, they have access to things that the richest people in the past did not have access to.

Does that mean that everything is okay? No.

Lives still need improvement. Opportunities should be increased. There are still unjust systems in place.

But my question is:

What does it mean to live well?

I contend that living well consists of a few things

  1. material goods
  2. food
  3. water
  4. shelter
  5. freedom of time
  6. physical health
  7. mental health
  8. emotional health
  9. security
  10. opportunity to pursue interests and express onself
  11. social cohesion
  12. laughter
  13. social interconnectedness
  14. feeling of contribution
  15. feeling of belonging
  16. love
  17. joy
  18. happiness
  19. peace

Consider how these things are all just small parts of a larger whole. A good life.

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