Buy tools

Deals: If you see a deal on something that you have been wanting for a while, go for it. If it is a tool, go for it.

If you are not sure, then do not do it. Why?

Guidelines for purchasing things

  • Most stuff is not worth it.

  • It is easier to get into something, than to get out. That is, buying something is easier, but returning or selling afterward is more difficult.

  • If it is not a "hell yes!" then it is a "no."

  • You have survived until this point without it, you probably do not NEED it.

  • Oftentimes, people buy the dream of something, instead of actually trying to do the thing. Buying outdoor equipment instead of camping. Buying tools instead of actually doing projects.

  • Instead of buying something because you think you will use it, make do without it: use other tools you have, or borrow something. Make it a game. You will figure out whether you need it or not.

  • Realize that there is a limit though. Where doing the thing in an inferior way begins to really impact the ability to live a good life.