Clean your room

  1. How to clean your room
    Pick everything up from off the floor. Nothing gets to be on the floor. Everything should have a place. As a rule of thumb, imagine you had to vacuum the floor, everything should be able to be picked up quickly to clean.
  2. On bookshelves
    Book shelves things should be UPRIGHT. Not laying flat. It makes a difference? It makes a huge fucking difference.
  3. Surfaces
    Surfaces should be clean and clear
  4. Minimize things.
    Get rid of most things or store them away.
  5. Only the essential gets to be close
    Only the things you use on a daily basis get to be within arms reach. Everything else should be cleared away. The space close to you is important for doing the work, not for cluttering up. This extends outward as well.
  6. If there are things you are not sure about getting rid of, then consider the Konmari Method.
    It sounds ludicrous mainly because media takes it out of context and people quote it without reading it. It is basically saying, that part of why people keep things is not just because of the functionality, but some sentimental or emotional reason. The idea that the thing represents. And that you need to recognize that. It is real and it is fucking simple. People do not want to donate away a tennis racket they haven't used in years because they want to believe they will play tenniss someday.
  7. Having is not doing.
    Prioritize doing things. That is the more important thing. Why? Because that is the only way to LIVE. To be ALIVE. Having nice things is nice, but staring at them is like...kind of one of the lowest forms of experience. You want to be the one playing a sport, not having the best television to watch the sport. If your counter is that you want to own the sports team, not play the sport...well, then you are conflating two things. I am talking about the joy of experience and being INVOLVED vs passive and consumptive. The second is talking about making money and having an ownership stake vs working stake.
    Just because you have box seats does not make you an owner. You're still consuming. When you figure out the joys of production for your own sake, then you are getting closer. Again, do not confuse yourself with making money. You do not want to be an employee all the time to make money, you want to be an owner of a business. However, what I am talking about here is learning what it is you like to DO more than passive consumption. Consumption is important too, but so is doing. Usually you can find almost any form of passive, consumptive, entertainment, but to find a thing you like to actively do is a little more difficult.
  8. Put things upstairs. If you have an attic or a top shelf in a closet. That is where you can put things temporarily.
    I do this sometimes with clothes that I like, but are redundant. Then I can 'go shopping' up there.
    It is like having a back catalogue of things.
  9. Have fun. Remember to be a good person. Be helpful. Have fun.