Mirrors, sunlight, and art


I wonder if there is a history of mirrors. Like I wonder if someone has written a book on how mirrors were invented and how they have been used by various cultures throughout time.

Mirrors I know have a place with Feng Shui in Chinese culture.

A mirror is really energy. I would argue what everyone is going after is more energy, more love, more peace. And while that comes from Buddhist and Epicurean thinking, there is also an element of ego that is enjoyable. And right now, I still think that some of it is healthy.

But it is like the feeling of freedom.

Driving fast down a highway.

Looking down onto an expansive and fertile view.

Running, and I would even say to a small extent, spending a bunch of money all at once.

Swimming at a beach on a beautiful day, a few people around.

The excitement of music playing and a restaurant and a bar and a party and a gathering.

But like, a mirror is a huge thing. It is a wonder that we do not learn more about them. They really do change up a space, tremendously. And like while part of it is me getting energy from being out in the sun, I think part of it is like the opening up of a space.

Instead of a blank wall, there is an expansive and changing view. Especially if there is a good view outside. Nature, trees, or maybe even a skyline and lights.

But let's say you do not have a good view. A mirror can still be good. Put up something nice in your room. A colorful piece of cloth, a bedsheet, a picture you like, a clipping from a magazine. And a mirror can reflect that energy as well. It can bounce open any natural light coming into the room.

And I mean I think that light is like the ultimate upper, caffeine substitute, stimulant when it comes to effectiveness and cost-benefit. Well maybe caffeine is more like a sunlight substitute.

If everyday you could spend feeling the warmth come over the earth, watching the sun rise. I think it would really help moods.

And in places where like, well, the light is not there, get a pack of really bright lightbulbs and some tall lamps from Target. 3K Kelvin and 1600 lumens. Put one of those near a major wall and bounce that light all over the room. Warm 3K light. You could even put 2 more in an overhead if you want.

But if you do, you probably also need a more dim light bulb and then a more dim (25 lumen) desk lamp.

Because basically what it is, what art is, is the consolidation, the concentration of sunlight. Distillation of sunlight. You blast sunlight, move around, and then turn everything down low and generate that sunlight back onto the page. Onto the canvas. Into the rhythym of the words. Into the sound of the song.