Best way to workout: conjugate system

After trying many workout methods, this one works for me lately. Of course there is not one best way to work out.

The conjugate system is well:

Upper body heavy
Lower body heavy
Upper body fast
Lower body fast

What is heavy vs light in weight lifting for the conjugate system?

Heavy is weight that is similar to what you would do on a 5x5 program. Warm up then go 5x5. An example for the lower body would be squats or deadlifts.

Fast is more explosive. An example for lower body would be broad jumps, or squats or deadlifts at like 50% of 1RM.

Other principles

You can do one or two major exercises, but the body needs more than that as well.

And what body builders call 'accessory' work.

Accessory work is just like every other muscle. That is mainly because body builders are often targeting specific muscles, they can overemhasize ones without building up enough other musculature.

What else do you need to do?

A complete workout would consist of:
warm up
main exercise - 1-2 main movements
accessory work

What systems do you need to work?

There are:
upper body press - horizontal and vertical
lower body press
upper body pull - horizontal and vertical
lower body pull - not sure if this exists, I guess hamstring curls?

trunk or core rotation

lunging - forward and out to the side



Basically you want two speeds. Just like there are people who train long distance and sprints, you want something like that. of course there is also middle distance as well.

But basically you want something that feels really heavy. Working to a 1RM, middle distance would be something like 5x5, and then there are lighter and faster more explosive sets at like 10x10.

You can also increase the intensity by increasing the density. 10 x 10 with it being 1 minute per set.

General workout guidelines

On the heavy days, do something like 5x5. Occassionally work towards a 1RM, or 3 rep.

On the lighter days, work density. Something like 10 x 10 x 1 minute. Lots of bodyweight movements as well.


body weight movements
there are so many
jumping rope
air squats for 12
wall sits for 1 minute
push ups
jumping jacks
skating lunges
side to side jumps
front to back jumps
shadow boxing


Upper body

  • Push - bench, overhead press
  • Pull - barbell rows, pull ups

Lower body

  • Deadlift
  • Squat

lunges - very important, front to back and side to side
here you can also do physical therapy type work like band work
body weight exercises - box jumps, broad jumps, walking lunges, farmer walk, sand bag carry, sand bag loading, kettlebell clean and press, kettlebell strict press, ball slams, ball throw
band work

Heavy days
1RM, 3RM, 5x5

Lighter fast days
50% weight and 10x10
explosive bodyweight alternatives as well (deadlift and squat can also add broad jumps)


  • all kinds of sit ups
  • planks


  • side to side twists
  • landmine twists
  • turkish get up

overall programming

3 weeks on, one week recovery which means lighter, but not totally off
weekly - six days a week, maybe 3, depends
sport - you can have this support a sport. something like running, biking, swimming, wrestling