10x upgrades

Most gear is not an upgrade. Actual upgrades that are 'worth it' are few.

Very few.

If you have to ask if something is 'worth it' as an upgrade, then typically it is not.

Look for 10x upgrades.

Examples of gear that are 10x upgrades

A 10x upgrade would be like the following:

  • in 2021, if you do not have an SSD boot drive, you need to do it. It was worth it even 4 years ago, but before that prices were too high (I did it anyway). Now prices are so much lower that most people can easily have one large SSD and not bother with HDD anymore. If you have large archives, HDD is still the cheapest and best way to store longterm, as an archive.

  • a circular saw, if you are cutting thick wood often. a jigsaw if you are cutting thin wood. although I would argue that a japanese pull saw is better at thin wood.

  • no laptop to having a laptop

  • a cheap tablet if you do digital art - drawing on one can be great