Crypto wallets are email addresses

People will probably need a crypto wallet to access most things in the future.

Like you need an email address to sign up for and confirm an account. Email addresses are essentially ways to like, verify your identity. And like show that you are who you say you are. And for businesses and people to contact you directly.

Those are functions that a wallet fulfills.

But at the same time, it allows purchasing power and display of purchases as well.

More transparent.

What people do not realize is that there were people paying money for like 5 digit ICQ numbers. But like you could not do anything with those numbers except flex.

But with crypto that 5 digit number also means that you have a lot of money, not just credibility.

Old People and Email Addresses

Now realize too that pretty much everyone needs and email address. Even old people. But like, there are old people who barely got a smart phone, who barely use a cell phone. There are people who like barely go online and check email.

You on the other hand are like on instagram and everything all the time.
And when I say old people, I should say independent people.

There are plenty of old people who are on social media just as much as the "kids these days" (that is a phrase that older people use to deride the younger generation).

What I mean is that there are people who write letters, call on the phone, have a softball league, and drive a fun car, and go to shops and live, well, like they do not need to be onlin all the time.

So they probably also have an email address.

But like if you want to talk to them you call them, or write, them or stop by the house, or see them at church or the game.

Whereas lots of people these days, young and old, you need their instagram handle to message them and see what they are up to.

Crypto wallets are email addresses in both senses.

There are young up and comers who need them. And there are the consumer class. And then there are the indpendents, young and old, who just want to chill and make bangers.