DIY Make your own ideal

Put your own art up > collecting art of others.

Decorate your place with works yourself. Your own photos, your own sculptures, your own paintings.

The thing is to imagine that people display things as a reference of themselves.
And we are like mostly doing it based on taste, or maybe our own adventures.
Think about people who have cool stuff in their house, and they're like, oh yeah I got that in Bali.

Better than tourism, is related to accomplishment or story.
Oh yeah, I got that when I was working on a movie in Bali.
Or working on a disease outbreak.
A story about something cool.

What is the point of putting up art?

Or having nice things around the house?
reflect positively on you - more direct by art you produce
reflect your personality - more direct by art you produce
signal your wealth - skip it, if you need to say something, you already lost
signal your spending power - skip it

What do you do if your art is shitty?

Improve your art.
Lessons are free on youtube.
Artists are sharing photos of their work online.
You can pay for lessons from fantastic artists for much less.

Be more direct

It is kind of a weird dynamic for people to define themselves by their products and their material goods.
Like all you did was buy it. And all you did was like choose it based on the marketing, maybe according to your taste.

Better to have taste and then the skills to produce that taste.
You can work on it.

Sure there are curators, and collectors, and there are skills involved in that for sure.
Almost anything can be an art.

But the idea of producing those things, objects, pieces of art...yourself. Participating in the production.

That could be a big thing.

DIY + design -> Make your own.

More clearly stated:

The ideal

make your own money
make your own living
make your own art
make your own art that you enjoy
make your own music
take and frame your own photographs

make your own food
throw your own parties
vacation on your own land
or with your own friends

build your own body
improve your own health

have the mental game for your own happiness