formulation of an excellent life

"it is not enough to be happy to live an excellent life. the point is to be happy while doing things that stretch our abilities, that help us grow our skills and fulfill our potential."

(this part sounds like part of the questing challenge motivation, so may not be universal)

i think where the book has it right and more universal is that you should be doing things for the inherent reward of doing them.
then you combine that with epicurus principal doctrines about pleasure and limits of life. and i mean that is a pretty robust formulation of what to do.

"wonder, novelty, surprise, transcending the limits imposed by our fears and prejudices"

i do have that feeling sometimes. if i like open my eyes and really stare. it is amazing what i see. like your hand and the things moving around. like if instead of glossing over everything you look and look and take everything in. the world is just an amazing amalgamation of delights.

"makes everyday very fresh...every morning you wake up and it's like the dawn of creation."