How to best use money

Solve money problems. -> Which means that you can purchase your freedom of time.

I used to think, I just spent 8 hours at work, doing things I did not find interesting, for $200. Less after tax.

So like you change those factors, earn more, less time, do things that are more interesting.

Then like how do you solve the money problem?

What does money get you?

Money sitting somewhere is not really doing anything.

So like as a store of wealth.

Both sides, reduce expenses and grow income.

You have to approach it from both sides, restrict and reduce your expenses.
Not down to nothing, but down to the essential.
Basically stop wasting money (which represents time and energy).
Learn to get more for your money.

How do you earn money?

You can earn through business.
You can earn through a normal wage job.
Eventually, you earn through investment in actual assets.

You can park your money in things (collectibles -> you have to actually understand how collectibles work and the market) or a bank account.
Value is story. Branding is a promise that is regularly delivered, that is trust.

So again, what do you do with money?

Purchase the essentials: food, water, shelter
Purchase freedom of time: spend time with your loved ones, spend time in states of flow doing work that you like
Purchase tools of the trade: what you need to make money, or provide for the essentials

What is retirement?
Who cares? Arc towards more of the above.

What are the tools of the trade?

In any endeavor, you need inspiration, technical know how, knowledge from doing.