If you really want something, you should work for it

At the top line, kids should have more resources. And there are kids, children, teens, and adults that have been disenfranchised by other people. The system. Society. But specifically other people. Through their own greed (financial, emotional, psychological). That should be changed. That is not what I am talking about in this article.

I am saying on an interior level. If you are not sure, hey, do I like this or not? Is this worth pursuing or not? Well you should work for it.

The problem with this advice is also that the majority of people do not know what it is to work for something. Few people do exceptionally well at school, or in a given activity. Few know what it is like to have less than 30 minutes of social or non-productive fun time a week. Few know what it is to work multiple jobs at the same time and commute and save money. Pressure is one thing, but pressure is external. Sure you have a lot of pressure, big deal, I am talking about work and output and making it happen.

Few do it.

It is a toxic system, undoubtedly, and one that I am not a proponent for, but it does teach you what it means to work.

Like people want to cure illness or eradicate disease or win a gold medal, but few understand what that really takes. Those same people want to watch TV. (Notice I did not say, watch TV everyday, or 30 minutes everyday. I said and I mean, at all.)

But like if you genuinely like doing something, then it is like playing. It can result in big achievements, but the game is internal.

There is a certain amount of work for something that if you can figure out how to tap into it, it can be a big thing.



Which is really where all the games matter.

Underresourced situations make me think. Like the people who say they want to exercise. But like, have all these things they want to buy. No, it sounds like you want to buy stuff more than you want to exercise. Then you have people who literally make weight lifting equipment out of wood, pipe, and discarded brake drums.

Or like the kid who builds toys using found materials.

That is more what I am talking about.

To be clear, the system that encourages you to basically disregard your life and loved ones in the pursuit of glory or wealth is not the game to play. Like every religion and story talks about that.

I am talking about like if you want something, you do not need a lot of money to do it.

I am talking about if something clicks with you, then you can do it.

The requirements though are that you are well adjusted and have self-understanding. Like without that, lots of people are just going to want to do sex, drugs, and rock and roll lol. Though those are not out of the question, but it has to come from a place.