Modern Renaissance

Even when there are new standards and styles of living.

There are people who still do the same old thing.

Despite huge advances in technology, heating, food, and entertainment.

There are still people who garden, hunt, play instruments, draw, and sing to entertain themselves and others.

There are benefits to the old ways too.

And the new technology can help enhance, but likely not replace the old ways.

Right now it is really popular to play games like Stardew Valley and previously it was Farmville. And you basically wander around and garden in these games.

Can that be better than the original? The original, the classic, is to actually garden and wander around.

It is nice that you do not have to garden to survive. But the impulse of gardening is better fulfilled by a hobby garden than by a gardening video game.

According to who? Obviously, I am the one writing this statement out.

But the scale I would argue is better for the person AND better for society.

You actually get the fulfillment and use of that energy in a good way when you do it in the classical way.

The benefit of technology here, is that, your survival no longer has to depend on you getting the small game or your crop surviving through to harvest.

Use technology for benefit, but to augment the classical method.