The street and the salon are the only things that matter, barbell philosophy

The street and the society club are the only places that matter.

The street is where you live. Where you encounter day to day.

The society club is where you socialize. Where you get a sense of the goings on of the world. Where large influence is at play. So you could say the salon, maybe.

That might be a better way to put it.

Consider the party before and after the big name gathering.

That is to say that the middle does not matter. The middle is just for consumption.

Every knows the Met Gala, for example. But like.

If you were hanging out with Jay Z and Beyonce before the gala, you would see the other people there and know they were part of an inner group. And if you were hanging out with them after, like after after, then you would know that you were part of an inner group. Plus that is where (I imagine), people finally get to unwind, the excitement, and have fun in a less publicized area. And artists, entertainers, and creatives know how to party. I'd rather be a valued guest there and skip the actual Gala.

But like, everyone in the middle just sees the Met Gala.

The pre and post parties are the salon. The Met Gala is just the middle that does not matter. The street, well, that is you. Where you are.

If on the same night as the Met Gala, you were halfway around the world and you were meeting up at a friends house and you and a long time crush got together, and like eventually got married and like live a happy life together. Who gives a fuck about what happened at the Met Gala party?


So like you have the hottest sneakers, watches, anything. If you are hanging out with your family that does not understand that world, what does it matter to them? You are still there, not your things.

So like when you are younger, you want to be part of these organizations, more known, then more exclusive, and like eventually you realize it is because you want to mean something. You want their stamp of approval on your life, essentially. So other people can see you are approved. And then, well, and then maybe it helps you achieve your own goals. I never said it didn't. In fact, being in the right room, can be way more important than almost anything else sometimes.

But eventually, you realize (well what you should if you are not a dope) is what you are working to get. And like if you already have it, or you realize that the group will not help, then whatever.

Move on.

Small signifiers

You wear all kinds of understaed, expensive watches and no one cares. You wear a bright piece Swatch and people get interested. In fact, people who are into expensive watches also get interested. It is different.

You get attention.

And attention feels good. Hearing your name feels good.

Or they do not.

Who cares? You are hanging out with you friends.

Child taste

Before kids hear the story, there is a visercal reaction. So like if you want to know if something looks good, ask a kid. Potentially.

That does not mean that like, it is wrong, but it may be more timeless.

Then again, they may not have developed the taste that matters.

Sweets are delicious and always will be.


Realize that attention feels good. Attention is useful. But like, attention is nothing without relationships.

In fact, attention can be harmful. That is what people do not realize either. Attention has many downsides.

Attention, well, children play at that game because they want to be listened to. To be taken seriously. To be noticed. But like, who cares? Get yours.

At the end

Have fun. Be a good person. Live a good life.